Full Groom

A full pampering session involves two baths, warm blow dry, nails cut, ears clean and plucked if required, hair removed underneath the feet then styled to customer’s preference clearing around the eyes and a hygiene clip. The all round groom!


Bath and Blow Dry

Our luxury bath and brush service is perfect for giving your pooch that spruce up they need! We also include a complimentary eye trim if required.


Puppy Groom

Involving two baths, a warm blow dry, nails cut and ears cleaned. A trim underneath and around the feet, between eyes and as well as a hygiene clip. We accept puppies under 6 months old for this treatment, in the aim to get them used to the grooming environment.


Hand-Strip Groom

This involves removing the dead top coat of hair from the root leaving the natural colour and texture.  Three to four days after the hand strip, your dog will return for their bath and finishing groom. Coat check is advised to ensure the coat is ready to be striped. For selected breeds only.


Spa Treatments

We offer a range of Spa treatments to pamper your dog. This includes teeth cleaning, hydrating butter, mud spa, natural paw balm, among other luxury treatments!


Nail Clipping

We offer a nail clipping service for both dogs and cats, for just £5!

Book Appointment

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